Graphic Design

GRAPHIC DESIGN stock photo

36 hours of community college credit available

This program, gives students the opportunity to learn the Macintosh computer. Programs such as Adobe, Photoshop Illustrator and InDesign will be studied. These programs will enable students to design letterhead, business cards, forms, brochures, t-shirts and much more. Students will also learn the basics of darkroom procedures. Students will learn the screen printing process and the basic skills of the off set press. If you are creative, this class is one that you should consider! In the second year, concepts of basic off set printing are reviewed. Students will have the opportunity to master entry level competencies introduced in the fi rst year program. Under the guidance of the instructor, second year students will operate the CTC in-house print shop.  

How to Apply

  1. Schedule to take the WorkKeys with the CTC Assessment Office (573.334.0826) and obtain required scores: 

    • Graphic Literacy-3

    • Applied Math-4

    • Workplace Documentation-4

  2. Complete an application & make deposit ($100)

  3. Provide proof of HS graduation (or GED)

  4. Submit background check form

Class schedule

August - May (Following the Cape Girardeau Public Schools Calendar)

Monday - Friday

Morning block schedule is 8:25 - 10:50
Afternoon block schedule is 12:00 - 2:40

For more information call 573.334.0826 and speak to one of our advisors.